Percy Bolmér

Learn to get the most of your IDE and make sure you use the full power of it to speed up your development.

I’ve been using VS Code as my main IDE for many many years. Though I’m going to be honest, it took me a few years before I began USING it. In my earlier years as a developer, I was simply leveraging the defaults in VS Code, the syntax highlighting, code…

What is GraphQL, why to use it, and how to use it in Golang

In this article we will be building a hiring agency API for gophers, using a GraphQL server built in Go. Unlike many other introductions out there I won’t be listing the name of all components with a short declaration. Instead, we will build an application step by step and explain…

A realization came to my mind when hearing people complaining about their jobs. None of them were software developers

One thing I’ve learned in recent years is that software engineering is not a job you get, it is something you become.

Late evenings, after working hours, I often find myself coding or researching new topics and areas in technology or software development.

I don’t get paid for it, and…

A follow-up on how to organize the structure of code and packages in a DDD approach in Go

It is time to take a look at a better architectural solution when using DDD in Go projects. In this article, we will take a repository that has all the DDD components in place and show how a less complicated project setup can be managed, while still maintaining DDD.


The easy way of learning how to use DDD in a Go application

Microservices have become a very popular approach to build software in recent years. Microservices are used to build scalable and flexible software. However, randomly building microservices across many teams can cause a big frustration and complexity.

It wasn’t long ago that I hadn’t heard about Domain-Driven Design — DDD, but…

Volkswagen Group has been aiming to be a leader in the Quantum Computer realm since 2016, now they aim to leave the research phase and start manufacturing

Quantum Computing has been a science fiction idea since I was a small kid; I’ve read about it, as many others, thinking that it is a technology for the distant future. In recent years there has been many companies investing time and money in becoming the leaders in Quantum Computing…

A short story of the journey when I finally realized I was brainwashed by patriotism

the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country. — Oxford Languages

The week before I graduated from university something drastically changed my life. I had studied Computer Forensics, a subject of retrieving information from computers and cellphones. …

Percy Bolmér

Software developer, Author/Blogger. Writes about Technology, Programming and Go.

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